Cooking Course

Cooking Course

Say “Italy”, and as often as not the first response is “food”. Coming to Italy - and in particular to a special/unique region such as Le Marche - means that a feast awaits you. Of course you’ll get plenty of pleasure eating meals that others have prepared, but there’s no need to stop there. You could dive right in and do it yourself with a cooking class, tasting something that you yourself have made using local techniques and secrets.

In July and August, we organize every Thursday morning cooking class followed by a joint lunch!


Claudia’s cooking classes will teach you how to make pasta, and more. Her recipes use fresh, seasonal ingredients and are typically simple, like those of most good Italian food, but nailing own the details is not always as simple as the final recipe. Italians have a healthy passion for their own “definitive” recipes for particular dishes, and so there can be countless variations for a simple pasta dish such tagliatelle al ragù. So it takes a lot of digging, asking questions, trying things out.

With this cooking course you will visit Claudia, together with her you will prepare some typical Marchigiani dishes and she will explain several important issues in the Le Marche cuisine. On request she can also teach you to prepare dishes which are selected by the participants.

Please note that the prepared menu will consist of an antipasto, primo piatto (or secondo piatto) and a dessert.


July and August

Programme & Duration

Every Thursday morning the cooking course will start at 10:00am the followed by lunch at around 13:30pm.


With Claudia at her home in Regnano (Tolentino).


Minimum participation for the cooking course is 4 + 8 people for the lunch.

Price Indication
  • € 45 per person cooking course + lunch
  • € 25 per child till 12 years cooking course + lunch
  • € 25 per person only lunch
  • € 15 per child till 12 jaar only lunch

Drinks are included in the price.

Reservations should be made before Monday evening.

Please, contact us