Pizza Workshop

Pizza Workshop

Claudia invites you to the beautiful country side, to make typical italian food. Pizza backed in a wood fired oven. As with many of their simple recipes, Italians are divided about how it should be done. For the pizza she interviewed Italian friends, neighbours and a famous pizza restaurant in Napoli, where the pizza comes from. In front of this restaurant white collar business men lined up to wait for a table. This is the pizza she will teach you.


Claudia’s cooking classes will teach you how to make pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. Her recipes use fresh, seasonal ingredients and are typically simple, like those of most good Italian food, but nailing down the details is not always as simple as the final recipe. Italians have a healthy passion for their own “definitive” recipes for particular dishes. So it takes a lot of digging, asking questions, trying things out. Claudia’s pizza, for example, is based on that of a well-known pizzeria in Napoli -original home of the pizza - which boasts daily lines of white- and blue-collar workers snaking out the door waiting for a table.

Come and cook. You’ll learn something new, eat what you make, and have a lot of fun doing it.


July and August

Programme & Duration

Every Tuesday at 16:30 the workshop begins, followed by enjoying your made pizza.


At Claudia's home in Regnano (Tolentino)


Min. 10 persons.

Price Indication
  • € 30 per person for the pizza workshop + dinner
  • € 20 per child till 12 year for the pizza workshop + dinner

Drinks are included in the price.

Reservation before Friday evening.

Please, contact us