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Activities in Le Marche: Kayaking at Monte Conero

Kajakken in le marche

We are so happy to welcome our first “guest” blogger: Ingrid! Ingrid and her family have been coming to Le Marche for many years and know everything about what there is to do in the region. We were so happy when Ingrid agreed to write about her experience kayaking at Monte Conero in Ancona. If you live in the Dutch region of Limburg, we strongly recommend that you visit her physiotherapy practice (website)!

Kayaking at Monte Conero

It is Thursday morning, when the alarm goes off at 6:30 am. Unusual during our holiday, but today there is something very nice in return. We have arranged to meet Monique at 8:30 am to go kayaking around Monte Conero. Monte Conero is a beautiful piece of nature on the Adriatic Sea near Ancona in the Marche.

How to get there

After a short car ride from Numana, we park the car just before 8:00 am in a large parking lot on Via Dante Alighieri in Sirolo (see here). It promises to be a beautiful sunny day, so we park the car under a large tree. At this time of the day there is still plenty of room.

After a short climb towards the center, we meet Monique in the Parco della Repubblica in Sirolo. From there it is a short walk to Spiaggia San Michele, a beautiful “hidden” beach, surrounded by chalk-white rock walls and a clear blue sea.

most beautiful beaches
Spiaggia di San Michele

The walk itself is an experience, a gravel path winds slowly, and sometimes a bit steeper, downwards. If you want to get to the bottom a little faster, you can also choose to take a shortcut via a staircase in some parts. For this walk, (water) shoes are not an unnecessary luxury. Due to it being hidden, so mainly locals come here.

The kayaking

Once we arrive at the beach, we head to Conero Style where our kayaks are reserved. It is possible to rent a single kayak or a double kayak. After a brief explanation of how to use the kayak, we head out into the open water.

Kayaking in le marche
The kayaks at Conero Style

Spiaggia di San Michele

First on the program are the “Due Sorelle”, two rocky outcrops that lie next to each other in the water off the coast like two sisters. We moor briefly on the beach of the same name near these rocks to enjoy the surroundings.

You can only get to this beach by water, so a boat regularly stops here to drop people off or pick them up again. Some stay on the beach with a parasol and provisions for a whole day, while others might just stay there for a few hours.

Le Due Sorelle

Portonovo and La Capannina

After half an hour we continue again and kayak along the coast towards Portonovo. Along the way we come across several beaches, from small to somewhat larger, and people walking or even climbing along walls to get to these beaches. Usually via another beach, because most of these beaches cannot be reached via the hinterland.

About 2 hours after departure, we arrive at Portonovo beach, a beach as we know it in Italy, with “ombrelloni e lettini” and trendy beach bars. At one of these beach bars, La Capannina, we pamper ourselves with a snack and a drink, because kayaking makes you thirsty and hungry.

activities in le marche
The way back to spiaggia di san michele

After more than half an hour’s break we start the return journey to Sirolo. While we mainly enjoyed the coastline on the outward journey, we focused more on the kayaking itself on the way back. Of course, with an eye for all the beauty around us.

Finally, around 12:30 PM, after more than 12 kilometers of kayaking, we arrive back at Conero Style on the Spaggia di San Michele.

After returning the kayaks, change clothes and walk back to the center of Sirolo. In Sirolo we ended the activity with a delicious gelato on Piazza Vittorio Veneto.


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